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California Pet Center proudly serves the San Fernando Valley. We’ve had the privilege of serving the Woodland Hills area for over 60 years. See why the California Pet Center pet store is rated high among customers.

I have driven by this small gem for a couple of years and finally went in because the woman that answered the phone was knowledgeable, and welcoming. When I entered (back lot parking available) I loved the place. Speciality goods for the animals not that corporate thing where no one knows a thing. Good recommendations, knowledge of the product, some great products, friendly staff- stellar experience! This will be my go to for my girl. Thank you for being there.

– Stefani Kong Uhler

The Pet Center in Woodland Hills solved a food problem my dog Mickey has had for years. I could hear his stomach roiling from across the room. He wouldn’t eat anything, treats, cheese, nothing. I got pills from our vet that helped some but not always. I explained this to the owner of The Pet Center and he recommended Nulo dry dog food. It feels like I have a new dog. No more stomach problems. What a relief dealing with someone who knows about all the food he sells AND how it is going to work for my dog. Since my dog is family, this is where I’ll be buying products from now on. Thank you.

– Margaret Goddard

The owner is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met about dog food and your pet. Knows about special needs. Good selection of high quality foods and treats for your pets. Prices are a little more than the warehouse stores but the personal services and knowledgeable owner is well worth it! Support local business!

– Bill Harris

Absolutely love this place.. This a very small place with a limited selection. But everything is top quality and will have ur dog at its best health. Great customer service. Small family owned business. And a wonderful experience everytime.

– Jayda Janelle

Very clean and tidy store with friendly staff. This store looks like a great source for natural pet food items. They appear to have a lot more products for dogs than cats. Overall they are geared more towards food items versus accessories like toys or beds. They do have these items but they are limited. Shopping here is a great way to support a local business and I highly recommend you check them out.

– Claire D.

It’s simple, if you need high quality service and pet food you come here. The staff are straight forward, no stupid questions kind of people. Honest answers is what you get here! My first check in here I came for Victor dog food to prep for my 8 week old Tervuren pup, I was recommended Prey or Lucy! I even got samples to try for about a week. My second check in I came for some goats milk and surely enough, my pup ADORES it. Her bowl is licked clean and kibble is gone. While I been around hunting dogs my whole life, it’s nice to be able to come here for the advice. I deeply recommend this place for owners who want to care for their dogs as you should.

– Tearra S.

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