Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts

Both tasty AND healthy, freeze-dried chicken heart is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This single ingredient snack is great for both dogs and cats, too! The convenient pieces break easily to allow for quick and easy feeding while training. The soft texture also lets you crumble them over your pets food for not only a nutritional boost but a highly palatable addition. Moisture is an important part of your pets diet. Always make sure fresh water is available.



Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts

Indulge your furry companions with Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts treat, adored by both cats and dogs! Our freeze-dried treats capture the irresistible aroma, texture, and freshness they yearn for. As pet parents, you’ll appreciate these treats for being 100% pure and loaded with nutrients, promoting the happiness and well-being of your beloved pets. All our treats are crafted with care in our very own facility located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Through the freeze-drying process, we safeguard the nutritional essence of raw, whole foods. Only water is gently removed, leaving behind all the inherent qualities and natural goodness of fresh beef heart. Visit California Pet Center and treat your pets to the finest in pet nutrition today!


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