RAWZ Cat Food – Sashi Salmon & Tuna

With RAWZ Cat Food – Sashi Salmon & Tuna, you can provide your cat with a gourmet dining experience that satisfies their cravings for seafood while supporting their well-being. Say goodbye to fillers and by-products, and treat your cat to the premium quality and irresistible taste of RAWZ.

Experience the RAWZ difference today and spoil your cat with a meal that celebrates the flavors of the ocean. Because when it comes to your cat’s nutrition, nothing compares to the seafood excellence of RAWZ Cat Food – Sashi Salmon & Tuna.



Treat your feline friend to the exquisite flavors of the ocean with RAWZ Cat Food – Sashi Salmon & Tuna. Crafted with the finest seafood ingredients and a dedication to quality, our recipe offers a premium dining experience that will have your cat purring with delight.

At RAWZ, we believe in providing cats with the highest quality nutrition. Our Sashi Salmon & Tuna formula is carefully formulated without rendered meals, rendered fats, or artificial preservatives, ensuring a meal that meets your cat’s dietary needs while maximizing flavor. With real salmon and tuna as the primary protein sources, your cat receives a nourishing blend of omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients for overall health and vitality.

Each batch of RAWZ Cat Food – Sashi Salmon & Tuna is prepared with precision to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and capture the natural flavors of the seafood. Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our formula supports optimal health, including a shiny coat, strong muscles, and a robust immune system.


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