Smallbatch Cat Food Chicken Batch Sliders – Wholesome Delights for Discerning Feline Palates

With added vitamins and minerals, including essential taurine for heart health and omega fatty acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin, our Chicken Batch Sliders offer comprehensive nutrition for your beloved feline friend. Whether they’re a playful kitten or a sophisticated senior cat, these sliders are suitable for cats of all ages and breeds.

Treat your cat to a culinary adventure with Smallbatch Cat Food Chicken Batch Sliders, where every meal is a celebration of health, happiness, and the special bond between pet and owner.



Introducing Smallbatch Cat Food Chicken Batch Sliders – a delectable feast crafted to tantalize your cat’s taste buds while nourishing their body from the inside out. Made with the finest ingredients and a commitment to quality, these sliders are sure to become a favorite among your feline family members.

Our Chicken Batch Sliders feature succulent chicken as the star ingredient, providing your cat with the protein they need to thrive. Each slider is carefully formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of cats, ensuring they receive a balanced diet that supports their overall health and well-being.

Smallbatch takes pride in using only natural ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, colors, and fillers. You can trust that every bite of Chicken Batch Sliders is packed with goodness, with no compromises on quality or taste. Plus, our sliders are made in small batches to guarantee freshness and flavor with every serving.


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