Steve’s Real Food White Fish

Steve’s Real Food fish is sustainably sourced from the Pacific ocean. Like commercial-grade sushi, the whitefish is flash frozen at -40C to ensure parasites are eliminated. The produce is sourced from the Pacific Northwest, and our goat milk comes from a family farm in Gaston, Oregon.



Steve’s Real Food White Fish recipe is the newest addition to Steve’s Real food catalog. A naturally low-sodium and Omega 3-rich option, abundant in B6, B12, and selenium – promoting heart health, cognitive function, and catering to the needs of senior pets. This BARF-formulated white fish pet food consists of 80% meat/organ/bone, 15% produce, and 5% premium inclusions like New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, coconut oil, and raw goat milk. It offers comprehensive pet nutrition without relying on synthetic vitamin supplements. Our white fish diet is balanced for all life stages and species-appropriate for both dogs and cats. Similar to high-quality sushi, the whitefish utilized in our diet undergoes flash-freezing at -40°C, ensuring the elimination of parasites. The fish is sustainably sourced from Pacific waters. Discover the goodness of Steve’s Real Food frozen white fish diet by visiting the California Pet Center store in Woodland Hills today.


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